The Oneida Nation originally resided in the New York Territory since the beginning of time.  In 1821 and 1822, a portion of the Oneidas entered into a treaty with the Menominee and Ho Chunk Nations for 6 million acres.  The Oneida families began moving to the then Michigan Territory (later Wisconsin) in 1823.  The first land reduction to the Oneida’s new territory was in 1831, when the U.S. Government claimed that all the N.Y. tribes did not move west and the land was reduced to 500,000 acres. Then in 1838, the Treaty of Sandy Creek reduced the territory to 56,400 acres.  The reservation was one large land mass until the Dawes Allotment Act in 1887 broke up the land mass into individual parcels based on head of household, wife and children.  These acres did not have to be together.

In 2023, Oneida commemorated the 200 Year Bicentennial.  This is unique due to some Oneidas breaking off in 1840 and purchasing land in the Thames, Ontario Canada in which they reside today.  There was a small group of Oneidas that remained in the New York territory and has a separate reservation there today.  Here in Wisconsin, there are many unique opportunities in and around Oneida.  In fact, Oneida is a partner of the Green Bay Packers if you are a sports fan.  Big enhancements are happening all around our reservation with the accessible improvements at the Amelia Cornelius Culture Park, visitors of all abilities will be able to stroll the 10’ accessible walking paths to the replica long house or the 100 year old plus log homes.  Being constructed and complete in 2025 will be the new visitor center, medicinal gardens and theater area.  Really big news for 2026 will include a new $16M museum.  If gaming is a must on your agenda, then stay at the luxurious Oneida Hotel and play in the Oneida Casino.  There are many more places to visit.  Check us out at or like us on FB Oneida Tourism for the latest events and happenings around the rez!