The Oneida Nation is originally from upstate New York. After the Revolutionary War, we lost nearly 5 million acres of our original homelands to the birth of the United States and the state of New York. Our people began to relocate to Wisconsin and in 1838, the Treaty with the Oneida established the 65,400-acre Oneida Indian Reservation along Duck Creek. For nearly 200 years, we have lived here, a place we now call home.

The Oneida Nation is a unique destination where you can experience and enjoy a culturally rich environment and the excitement of Green Bay football year round. Make plans to visit an amazing work in progress as we continually develop our cultural heritage grounds as a historical walk through Oneida history. Wisconsin’s first life size native longhouse, an outdoor amphitheater and originally reconstructed Oneida log homes, are in the plans to complete a historical corridor of life in Oneida through the years.