Next Webinar – January 2017 – Native Artists and Art

Native artists and the art they create can help your community become a tourist destination!
Join NATOW and the Woodland Indian Art Show and Market for this exciting presentation.

NATOW 101 

First aired Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

This inaugural webinar is the first in a series presented by NATOW. In NATOW 101 you will learn what NATOW is, how NATOW works, what NATOW does, and what’s happening in Native Tourism. We aim to reintroduce our organization to Tribal leaders, tribal planners, tourism practitioners, potential partners & sponsors.

o The first webinar is designed specifically for Wisconsin tribal leaders, as well as marketed to a broader audience.
o This webinar is a prelude to the Tribal data collection SURVEY; the purpose of this objective is to determine how each member tribe would like assistance from NATOW.